Individual Flat Gauge Adjustment - Combing Segments

140 mm Working Width


  • Individual FlatAdjustable individual flat setting
  • Screw type S.F tops are easily replaced at mill site.
  • Individual flat carrier are made out of stabilized grade aluminium alloy.
  • Replacement cost is economical.
  • Intensive pre-opening of the fibre tufts leads to better opening for subsequent improvement in carding efficiency and quality.
  • Minimized loss of good fibres in the licker in waste.
  • High Grade, hardened steel mote knives help to remove heavier and smaller trash particles which gives a smooth flow of fibres to the carding zone.

Suitable for:

C1/1, C1/2a, DK710, DK715, DK740, CROSROL MK-2, MK-4 & MK-5, MK-6, MMC, CHINESE FA 201 & Other40" Cards.

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