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C - System - Fine - Set Advantage

  • About LickerinScrew type SF Tops are made out of imported metallic raw material and maintains consistency and quality throughtout its life.
  • Coarser PPSI at bottom helps extra pre-opening of heavier fibre tufts and the mote knife and suction device removes trash particles and helps even distribution of the fibres.
  • Medium PPSI at middle and finer PPSI at top side helps further pre-opening and parallelisation of fibres which reduces the strain and increses the life of cylinder wires and revolving flat tops.
  • It helps to improve carding quality at higher speeds and production rate.
  • Individual flat carrier and knife adjustments make it easier to attain accurate gauge setting.
  • Newly designed aluminium suction device with smooth finish eliminates accumulation of dust particies.
  • Individual flat carriers are made out of stabilised grade of aluminium alloys.
2 Flats 2 flats

Suitable for: MMC & NSE Card
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

3 Flats 3 flats

Suitable for: C1/1, C1/2, C1/2A, C1/3, LCC100, TC360, MMC, NSE & VENKATESWARA Cards
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

7 Flats + 1 Knife and Suction 7 flats

Suitable for: DK715 & DK740, DK760 Cards (Existing Cast Iron bare flats)
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

8 flats + 1 Knife and Suction 3 flats

Suitable for: DK760 (for Aluminium bare flats), DK780, DK788, DK800, DK803 & Rieter C4 & C10 Cards
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

10 Flat + 2 Knives and Suctions 10 flats

Suitable for: C1/1, C1/2, C1/2a, C1/3, LCC100, TC360, MMC, NSE, CROSROL MK-2 Cards. CHINESE FA201 Cards
Applications: Cotton

12 Flats + 1 Knife and Suction 12 flats

Suitable for: C1/1, C1/2, C1/2a, C1/3, LC100, TC360, MMC, NSE Cards
Application: Synthetic & OE

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