C-System » Above Doffer (SFD) - Front Side

C - System - Fine - Set Advantage

  • Above DofferReduces fibre hooks, neps and imperfections in the web and improves fibre parallelisation.
  • Enchances web transfer from cylinder to doffer.
  • 6 Flats with 1 mote knife and suction enchances carding quality and reduces classimat faults with better cloth appearance.
  • Individual carrier flat and knife adjustments facilitates accurate settings.
  • Specially designed aluminium suction device eliminates manual cleaning and yields consisttent results.
  • Screw type SF tops, are easily replaceable.
  • Individual gauging points throughout the length will ensure parallel setting.
3 Flats + 1 Knife and Suction 3 flats a

Suitable for: C1/1, C1/2, C1/2a, C1/3, LCC100, TC360 & CROSROL MK-4 Cards
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

4 Flats +1 Knife and Suction 4 flats

Suitable for: MMC & VENKATESWARA Cards
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

5 Flats + 1 Knife and Suction 5 flats

Suitable for: DK710, DK715 & DK740 Cards
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

6 Flats + 1 Knife and Suction 6 flats

Suitable for: C1/1, C1/2, C1/2a, C1/3, LC100, TC360, TC450, CROSROL MK-2
DK760, DK780, DK788, DK800 & DK803
Application: Cotton & Synthetic

7 Flats + 1 Knife and Suction 7 flats a

Suitable for: CROSROL MK-4 & MK-5 Cards
Applications: Cotton & Synthetic

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